Extra Beef Burger
One of our newest products is Extra Beef Burger that is from 100% beef lets you discover new flavors with different sauces and garnishes .

For children who insist on "Hamburgers" or to suppress your hunger emergency, Güngören can prepare meat with the assurance of a quality product in just 3 minutes.

Extra Beef Burger which is thicker than their counterparts, which adds extra delicious special formula also sits in a privileged place. In this way, the most delicious burger eating experience brings to your home.
About Us
Güngören Meat Products, quality, trust and health single point of confluence, standards and trade concept in the industry with 24 years to make a difference managed its market share by expanding and commercial morality to the fore with the organization.

Since 1990 in the industry Sausage, Salami, ham, sausage, bacon, frozen burgers produced , a Gungoren Meat Products also located with minced meat, smoked and cubed meat in elite markets,  with employees and collaborators  adds value and quality standards to the brand, more and more top spots bears.
İn produced Güngören Meat Products increase "Advanced Technology" standards,so increase competitiveness,it thanks to the integrated plant production is realized.